Scott wrote:
> I didn't attack you... yet. You, on the other hand, ARE attacking 
> others here: "And why on Earth would you not at least display 
> the actual ratio as the user works? Changing that (as compared 
> to 2.2 which DOES display the current ratio) was just nuts, 
> frankly.
> "What should the fact that you thought that was a sensible way of 
> doing it make me think about you?"
I didn't write either of those quotes.

You are now attacking me based on what others wrote.
> You don't use the GIMP. 
I said I used Gimp in the past.  (The person who wrote the erroneously 
attributed quotes above is a current Gimp user.)

When I used Gimp in the past, I had problems that I was not able to 
overcome, despite reading tutorials, documentation (such as it was), 
googling, and asking for help on this very list.  I'm not a novice at 
using computers - I've been using computers since 1979 (TRS-80 - I wrote 
programs in DOS).  I had experience using PSP, PS, and other image 
editing tools.  I'm an "early adopter" - yet I was unable to do some 
basic things with Gimp due to the poor design of the program for these 
particular (common) image manipulation tasks.  I gave you my feedback on 
that.  All I have received in reply are attacks.  Not one person on this 
list has said "you have a good point, some of the things you have 
mentioned are real problems and we should work on that more (or "we are 
working on that now").  The closest anyone has come was a reply from 
Michael (thank you, Michael) referring to the bugzilla thread (going 
back to March, 2001, almost 7 years now) on why it's hard to fix my #1 
stopper problem due to some initial poor design decisions. 
> You attack the developers and attempt to 
> shame anyone here who might attack you, "the messenger". You 
> waste other's time. What should all of that make us think about 
> you?
> It leads me to conclude you are a troll with nothing better to 
> do. It leads me to think of you as a jerk.
Look in the mirror.  I haven't called you names.  I've given you my 
feedback.  You can't even keep straight who said what, and now you are 
the first to call others names - calling two different people "jerks" 
because they have been willing to take the time to explain the problems 
they have with the program. 

An intelligent, mature, and humble person would quickly apologize 
profusely for these mistakes.  An arrogant, immature, or unintelligent 
person would be quick to splurt out more excuses, or attack yet again.  
Let's see which approach you take...


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