JC Dill wrote:
> Geoffrey wrote:
>> I guess you missed the reference to the fact that ALL the work put 
>> into GIMP is done by the developers on their time.
> I put in many years as one of the primary list admins for an open source 
> project's -users list (similar to gimp-user) and -dev list, organizing 
> and adding to the the FAQ, answering questions on both lists, writing 
> documentation, submitting bug reports, feature requests, and proposing 
> UI improvements.  I'm quite aware of how open source projects are 
> developed, and I've paid my dues volunteering.  I have a right to give 
> my feedback when I feel an OS project is misguided and has overlooked 
> critical aspects of design such as consistent tool use (backwards 
> compatible), intuitive UI, and good documentation.

Care to share what this open source project was?

Until later, Geoffrey

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