On Sat, 2007-12-22 at 17:31 -0600, Leonard Evens wrote:

> How to  use the display profile was fairly clear.   Profiles for input
> files was very murky, but I eventually worked out what was happening
> there.   One confusing thing was that if you specify in
> Preferences>Color Management that gimp Keep the embedded profile, the
> same thing happens---i.e. no indication---if that profile is the same as
> the default sRGB profile or if there is no embedded profile, so you
> can't tell at that point whether or not the source file had one. 

You can easily tell that by looking at the Image Properties dialog. It
will show you the color profile that is being used for the image. Of
course GIMP doesn't ask you if the image you are opening already is in
your working color space. There's nothing to ask then.

> I think I understand generally how to do print simulation, but some
> points are unclear.  Under Preferences>Color management>Print simulation
> profile I specify a printer profile, and I then choose Mode of operation
> to be Print simulation.  If I check the Mark out of gamut box, then it
> shows me colors that are not printable.  If I don't check that box, I
> see various colors and I'm assuming that these are roughly the colors as
> they will be printed.   That of course depends on the rendering intent
> which together with the profile should determine how colors are
> transformed so that everything ends up in gamut.

That's correct.

> Have I got that right so far?
> One thing that confuses me is that I can either choose Color managed
> display or Print simulation as the Mode of operation, but not both.  It
> doesn't seem to make sense for print simulation to ignore the display
> profile, but perhaps I am not understanding something.

Of course the Print simulation does also take your monitor profile into

> I am completely at sea about how I use the print profile to actually
> print.  Do I set the mode of operation to print simulation and then
> choose print from the file menu?   Or do I put the print profile in the
> RGB profile slot and then print?  Or is this as yet unavailable and
> dependent upon adding profile capability to gimp print or gutenberg?

Printing is usually left to professional print services and they should
do the right thing if you give them an RGB image with embedded color
profile. If you print from within GIMP, there isn't any color management
support yet.


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