On Mon, 2007-12-24 at 14:30 +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > I am completely at sea about how I use the print profile to actually
> > print.  Do I set the mode of operation to print simulation and then
> > choose print from the file menu?   Or do I put the print profile in the
> > RGB profile slot and then print?  Or is this as yet unavailable and
> > dependent upon adding profile capability to gimp print or gutenberg?
> Printing is usually left to professional print services and they should
> do the right thing if you give them an RGB image with embedded color
> profile. If you print from within GIMP, there isn't any color management
> support yet.

Thanks for the information.

I'm afraid I have two additional questions.

First, do you have any suggestions at all about what I might do if I
want to print with my own printer for which I have a profile?  Since
most users of gimp probably want to do just that, it would be very
helpful if there were a way to do it.  The only way I can think of is to
boot Windows XP and use Photoshop, which I would rather not do.

Second, I'm not sure I understand what gimp embeds in a saved file.
I've done some experiments, and the results are confusing.  Let me
describe what I found.  It is a bit long winded so bear with me.

I scan using vuescan which allows me to specify the output space and
puts the appropriate profile in the tiff file it produces.  When I
specify sRGB, then gimp keeps that profile since it is the default.  If
I save that file, then iccdump does in fact find that embedded profile
in the resulting file.  
But if I specify another output profile in vuescan, e.g., Adobe RGB,
gimp converts to that as expected.  (I verified that using
Image>Properties>Color Profile.)  Now, if I save that image  iccdump
apparently locates a profile, but then issues the
error message

 Error - 1, icmHeader_read: ICC V4 not supported!

I have the same problem if I specify in gimp under Preferences>Color
Management>RGB Profile some other profile and specify File Open
Behavior>Convert to RGB Workspace.

I appreciate that this is a problem with iccdump, but it seems clear
that gimp is doing different things depending on whether or not the
profile is the default RGB profile. Can you explain why?
Also, do you happen to know of any other program to detect an embedded
profile which does support ICC V4?

> Sven

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