>> > Perhaps, however, I have an excellent Red Eye Removal Tool which I
>> > have used with Gimp for quite some time and which I downloaded and
>> > installed as a plug
>> So, pray tell us!!!!! I await with bated breath....or is it the same one
>> in latest gimp ;^)
> Whether it is the same as in the latest Gimp I do not know because I do
> not have the latest Gimp but it is in the list of plugins available to
> be downloaded and has been there quite some time.

You will probably find some previous correspondence on this matter when I
tried to compile the plug in for 2.4 and couldn't for reasons yet to be

It was then that it was pointed out to me that there was already a Red Eye
removal tool in 2.4 so why was I wasting my time.

So, let me suggest you either use your old Gimp with the tool, get the
latest Gimp, or do it the hard way, step by step a la script steps


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