On Fri, 21 Dec 2007 14:17:10 -0000, Scott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Friday 21 December 2007 1:12:41 am JC Dill wrote:
>> Scott wrote:
>> > I didn't attack you... yet. You, on the other hand, ARE
>> > attacking others here: "And why on Earth would you not at
>> > least display the actual ratio as the user works? Changing
>> > that (as compared to 2.2 which DOES display the current
>> > ratio) was just nuts, frankly.
>> >
>> > "What should the fact that you thought that was a sensible
>> > way of doing it make me think about you?"
>> I didn't write either of those quotes.
>> You are now attacking me based on what others wrote.
> You're right... I did mistake you for Thomas... sorry. But Thomas
> is attacking others and does deserve to be called a jerk.

   I'm back from holiday and I got your private email calling me a jerk,  
thanks. You need to pay attention to threads before sending off emails.  
The fact is that not allowing the user to see the current ratio is a pain  
in the ass and a bad design, especially when the previous version of the  
tool did the sensible thing. That's not my fault. And it was suggested  
that my opinion was of little value since I had missed the (faulty)  
workings of the lock checkbox, in return I hinted that people who make  
design blunders should think twice before casting the first stone vis a  
vis value of opinions. If that's all too much for you to follow perhaps  
you should just keep your nose out of it.

Anyway, the answer to my original question is clearly "We think the Alt  
key is fine as it is and we're not going to fix it". That cripples my  
useage of the Gimp and I might well write a patch myself but I think it's  
a pretty lousy attitude. The Alt key is VERY WELL KNOWN to be in use for  
WM functions and it is also known that most keyboards have other "spare"  
keys that could be used; providing some way to get the Alt-functionality  
linked to those keys would appear to be a no-brainer, but then what do I  
know? I would never have linked common functions to a key that wasn't free  
in the first place!


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