On Sat, 2007-12-29 at 16:14 +0000, Thomas Worthington wrote:

> Anyway, the answer to my original question is clearly "We think the Alt  
> key is fine as it is and we're not going to fix it". That cripples my  
> useage of the Gimp and I might well write a patch myself but I think it's  
> a pretty lousy attitude. The Alt key is VERY WELL KNOWN to be in use for  
> WM functions and it is also known that most keyboards have other "spare"  
> keys that could be used; providing some way to get the Alt-functionality  
> linked to those keys would appear to be a no-brainer, but then what do I  
> know? I would never have linked common functions to a key that wasn't free  
> in the first place!

Looks like despite many attempts to explain it to you, you still did not
understand that you misunderstood how the tool works in GIMP 2.4 and
that you don't need the Alt key in order to use it.


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