Hello people.

I just compiled and installed Gimp 2.4.3, and it seems to be working fine.
Except that the two scripts I once made didn't work anymore. I believe I
succeeded in correcting the differences for TinyScheme, but in one of the
scripts there seems to be a different bahaviour with the layers.

The script is supposed to add a title on a selected place, and worked
fine under 2.2.x. Now, the text appears as a new layer, but the color
isn't right, the layer seems blocked (cannot select another layer)while
it's still floating, the combination mode (addition/subtraction) is not
respected and the command in the script to flatten the image is not

No errors appear, but something did go wrong...

I've attached the script, as it is quite short. Is there some text
documenting which, if any, changes were made to the procedures in the PDB?
Something like the migration page for TinyScheme?


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