I'm using gimp 2.4.3 on a Sun Solaris 10 system.  When using the rotation
tool, I find that if I enter a number in the Angle box (say 17.50) and the
image is rotated, if I then use the mouse to grab the picture and drag
it a bit more in the direction of positive rotation, the image takes a
huge jump backwards and reset itself to a lower value such as 10.71.  Am I
misunderstanding something about how the dialog and the drag function work?

Also, a small suggestion to the development team.  If you have a value
such as 11.20 in a field and I place the cursor between the 2 and the 0
and then try to enter another digit like 8 for a value of 11.281, nothing
happens because the display is fixed to two decimal places.  I think it
would be an improvement in the user interface if we could edit these fields
without restriction.  If gimp then wants to evaluate the number and round
and redisplay it as two digits, this would be OK.  But the failure to be
able to place the cursor and edit these numeric fields is really unexpected
and very confusing until you figure out what is happening.

Jeffery Small

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