I wrote:

> I tried to assign Alt+D or Alt+L to the Lens Distortion filter and in
> both cases the short cut assignment failed. 

John Coppens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>Maybe, because Alt_L is the call to the Layer menu in the drawing window?
>I found that none of the underlined letters in the menu bar can be
>assigned (Alt_F, Alt_E, etc, but they would be different for each


Yes, you are correct.  I'm surprised that gimp doesn't display these
assignments somewhere in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.  I have a custom
spreadsheet that records all the assigned shortcuts and I had scanned
through this dialog and recorded all default assignments.  However, I have
never used a shortcut to display a pulldown menu (pretty much a Windows
type of action) so it never even crossed my mind to check this.

I would like to suggest that the gimp developers consider displaying
these menu shortcuts in the Keyboard Shortcuts dislog and making them
reassignable for those of use who don't otherwise use them.

John, thanks for the tip pointing me to the answer.

Jeffery Small

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