> That's interesting.  It is consistently reproducible here.  I just loaded
> another jpeg image, rotated it 20 degrees in the dialog.  Then no mater
> where I grab the image and drag a bit, as soon as I release mouse button
> B1, the image jumps back to a small positive angle of rotation and then
> moves a bit in the direction I was dragging.
> This version of gimp was linked against the latest gtk2 2.12.3.
> Does anyone else see this behavior?

I couldn't resist having a go. In every case I tried, when I set the
correction to any number of degrees and then clicked inside the grid,
the grid jumped towards zero. However, when I manually rotated the grid,
and then clicked inside the grid stayed where it was. The behaviour was
the same in both Normal and Corrective.

I am using Gimp 2.4.0-rc3 with Ubuntu 7.10.


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