Thank you for the tip, it works. And the document adds information how to make 
GIMP default picture editor:
     * Click Start, Run and type CONTROL FOLDERS
     * Select the File Types tab
     * Select the image file type from the listing (e.g. jpg), and click 
the Advanced button. If it is not available, click "restore defaults" first.
     * Create a new action by clicking New
     * In the Action text box, type Edit
     * In the Application used to perform action box, type the full path 
to the image editor application. Just copy/paste the correspondent 
strings from Edit with GIMP entry.
     * Click OK, OK to close the dialog
If you had to restore settings, edit "Open" key to the viewer you like.
Now if GIMP has been loaded, pressing F4 in XnView opens the image in 
GIMP. :)

Peter Taylor wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to all who pointed me to gimp-remote to prevent multiple
> instances of Gimp when opening files from third party thumbnail viewers.
> I downloaded the Windows version, which requires the following registry
> entry to be added:
> @="gimp-2.4.exe"
> (as described in the  Readme file.)
> It now works perfectly with both IDimager and Fastone image viewer.
> I appreciated the lightning fast responses!

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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