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> For those wanting a list of their current shortcuts - you can use this
> script...
> http://gimpthoughts.com/home/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=23&Itemid=38
> For an example of what it does:
> http://gimpthoughts.com/share/shortcuts/categories.html
> Couple notes:
> It creates a "shortcuts" folder in your profile directory where it writes
> the html.
> Depending on your security settings it may not open your browser
> automatically.
> Final note: - I'm not a real coder... So I'm sure there are few things
> that could be improved... But hey - it does what I want... and I learn
> each time that I write one...
Brilliant! It does what I want, too -- in fact, I had wanted something
exactly like this, but never got around to writing any code for it.

The only mistake I see is 'ASSIGNED KEY'S'. -> 'ASSIGNED KEYS'.
Actually, there is another one -- it would be good if it didn't depend
on script-fu.
use gimp-round-rect-select instead of
script-fu-selection-rounded-rectangle. I tried commenting it out, and
that stops it crashing (however, no images are generated, so the
result can be a little odd looking.)
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