On Tuesday 08 January 2008 09:53, D.Jones (aka) Capnhud wrote:
> > What it does:
> > http://www.pion.com.br/gimp/connect_all.png
> >
> > Just connect N lines accross the first two components in the
> > active vector.
> >
> >
> > and it is here:
> > http://www.pion.com.br/gimp/connect_lines.py
> >
> >       js
> How do you get this to work?

You have to have epython plug-ins enabled in GIMP.
Check for a "ptyhon-fu"  submenu in the Xtns dir.

Gimp 2.4 under windows can have python plug-ins, but you have 
toinstall at least the Python interpreter (www.python.org), 
Python-gtk  and python.pango bindings (www.gnome.org) . Not sure what 
else is needed.

Afterwards you jsut derop the .py file above in your plug-ins 
directory, and watch for a "python-fu->alchemy-> ' menu in the image.

Under Linux and other unixes, you also have to markj the .py file as  
executable. (but chances are gimp python is already enabled).


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