As an in frequent GIMP user since v1.2, GIMP was used just cropping and 
resizing images. One of the computer magazines I picked up in a locale 
store had published an article on GIMP showing how to selectively 
colourise based on Eric R. Jeschke tutorial, which I tried.

In another magazine around the same time, a challenge was presented (no 
prize) to manipulate a series of images and I thought I would use GIMP 
to improve my knowledge of GIMP. While I suceeded in completing the 
challenge using GIMP it was tinged with disappointment that some of the 
images where downgraded from 16bit to 8bit images.

After having a trawl through the GIMP Development site and GIMPcon 2006 
and the GIMP vision which I think is very good. As a very inexperienced 
GIMP user, the fact that GIMP can not handle a 16 or 32bit monochrome 
image immediately is a reason not to invest any more time in GIMP.  The 
inexperienced user wants to load an image and generally crop and resize, 
then comes combining images. Eventually, more complicated manipulation 
is attempted unless a specific objective is required. Can I ask when 16 
and 32 bit monochome images can be loaded?

As CPUs are now primarily 64bit (I am running Solaris 10 x86 as a 64bit 
OS) could the design of GIMP be adjusted so that maximum image bit depth 
becomes user selectable 32 or 64bit? As a lapsed programmer (only using 
sh and no compiled language for over 10 years) I fully appreciate it is 
not a simple fix.

Russell                           7willows at dsl.pipex.com

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