Helen wrote:
> I wanted to put a mat/frame around a photo, so I went to "canvas size"
> and enlarged
> the canvas, thinking I could fill the extra space with color.
> Turns out I can't do anything with that extra space -- can't paint on
> it, can't even access it.
> Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?  (Yes, I know I can go to
> script>add border,
> but I just thought I would try something different.)  What's the purpose
> of this extra canvas
> space if it can't be accessed?
> Thanks, as always,
> Helen


Keep in mind that you are never painting on the canvas itself, but on
layers. Changing the canvas size does not change any layer sizes. You
can toggle layer boundary visibility in View -> Show Layer Boundary. To
change layer sizes you can use for example the Crop Tool (with some
changes its tool options) or the various layer size related operations
accessible under the Layer image menu.

Best regards,
Martin Nordholts
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