Helen schreef:
> I wanted to put a mat/frame around a photo, so I went to "canvas size" 
> and enlarged
> the canvas, thinking I could fill the extra space with color.
> Turns out I can't do anything with that extra space -- can't paint on 
> it, can't even access it.
> Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?  (Yes, I know I can go to 
> script>add border,
> but I just thought I would try something different.)  What's the purpose 
> of this extra canvas
> space if it can't be accessed?

As Bob and Martin write you can adjust the size of the existing layer to 
the new canvas size, but I think in cases like this it's often easier to 
add a new layer and put it behind the photo layer. Then you can work on 
the new layer to make a border without risking to change the photo.

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