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> I wish to achieve the effect to add a deep pucker on the skin, as of
> the bone is broken underneath the sking or there is a joint underneath.
> Or should I use the word "wrinkle" or "crinkle", I am not sure. I am a
> new gimp user who just managed to learn conceptual things like layers,
> path, selection, mask and channel, and now I don't know where to start
> to read if I wish to get it done.

This is accomplished by adding wrinkles to the skin.  To do this, you
create your skin layer first.  Then add a layer on top of that and fill
it with the shading for the wrinkles.  Shading (also known as shadow
maps) is always done with a layer that is desaturated.  The shading
layer is then blended with the layer below using one of the layer blend
modes, often Grain Merge, Multiply or Overlay though others may work
better depending on the skin texture.  This gives the skin layer the
appearance of having a shape that is light unevenly - ie it looks like

A smooth version of wrinkles was originally included in my book "The
Artist's Guide to GIMP Effects" but then we decided to add it to the web
site instead:

This example is not exactly like what you're looking for though the idea
is the same.  This example uses a desaturated "wave" over witch a shadow
from some text is applied.  In your case, the wave layer from this
example would be the wrinkle layer for your project.  Adjust it
accordingly to increase contrast to give the wrinkles more distinct
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