Marco Ciampa wrote:
> I'm not shure if I should post here or in the dev ml, starting here in the
> hope to not bore busy developers with stupid questions...
> I'm trying to compile the dev version of gimp (2.5). I've installed all the
> necessary libs, (gegl etc.). The configure stops asking for gegl library not
> installed. I've tried to install gegl on to either /usr or /usr/local
> prefixes but it simply does not recognise it.
> Any hint?
> I've a Linux (K)ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 on ppc.
> bye


You need to compile GEGL from trunk, or wait for a new GEGL release in
order to be able to compile GIMP trunk.

You can install to any prefix, but /usr/local is usually the most
comfortable prefix to use. Don't forget to run sudo ldconfig when you
have built and installed the Babl and GEGL libraries.

And yeah, this is a gimp-developer issue, so if you encouter futher
problems you should post to gimp-developer.

Good luck,

Best regards,
Martin Nordholts
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