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Am 09.02.2008 um 04:47 schrieb Leonard Evens:

> On Sat, 2008-02-09 at 03:06 +0100, Axel Wernicke wrote:
>> and please, don't hesitate to correct what's written or fill the  
>> gaps.
>> Everything in there is to my best knowledge but I'm sure it is  
>> neither
>> completely correct nor are all necessary topics in there yet.


> I haven't yet had a chance to thoroughly examine what you've done,  
> but I
> plan to soon, and I will come up with additional comments.

That is what I'm hoping for

> Let me start by bringing up one issue, which it took me a long time to
> get straight, and which at first glance I didn't find in what you did.
> I'll describe it below as best I can.  I don't know how or where to
> incorporate it in the documentation, particularly since some of it  
> seems
> to be operating system dependent.  I do think it is important so I  
> hope
> you will fit it in,  perhaps in an easier to understand simplified  
> form.

I'll try read, understand and include that into the docs.

> In this connection, let me say that I think it is a mistake to prepare
> the documentation as if Linux users were odd balls who should be using
> XP or MacOS.

Whops!  - Did we do this? I think most members of the documentation  
team are even working on Linux. The manual should of course not  
discriminate any operating system or their user base.
Please let the documentation team know about such in detail by telling  
us and giving a reference to the page in question (as 

Greetings, lexA

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