Owen writes:
> AFAIK, there was an exif plugin for the Gimp, but I can't find it now.

There was an exif reading plug-in on the old registry (I forget who
wrote it -- Simon Budig?)  It was read-only; it couldn't change an
image's exif.  It doesn't seem to be on the new registry.  Is there
any way to get to the old registry to grab a copy of older plug-ins?
(It's great that the new registry has moved to registry.gimp.org --
it's much better than the old one, but I hope that doesn't mean
we've lost all the plug-ins in the old registry's database.)

The exif plug-in as it existed on the old registry didn't work with
GIMP 2.4. I updated it a while back and got it working for reading
exif, but it looked like it would be a big job to make it read/write
and I dropped it.  If anyone wants it, I could upload the version I
updated later this week (right now I'm away from the machine that
has the source).  The updates were pretty straightforward.

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