On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 13:37 -0400, Rich wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to stack some photos with different focal points to create 
> one image that's all in focus (close-up and macro shots).
> Is there a way to make the perspective tool xor the other layers.  This 
> would help for other situations as well,
> when you need to adjust or overlap exposures and stitching photos 
> together (panoramic shots).

Gimp is not designed to do panoramic stitching.  But there are some
tools that may be used either separately from gimp or as a plug-in.  The
comprehensive set of tools for doing this sort of things is called
Panorama Tools, and it has various gui interfaces.   I work under Linux
and the one I use is called hugin.  There are others which work under
Windows or on a Mac.  A good place to start for information is 
wiki.panotools.org.  There is also a very yahoo group
http://groups.yahoo.com/   which is ready to offer help.

These tools are very powerful.  they allow you to take separate images
and then adjust them for virtually everything you might imagine.  They
even correct for pincushion and barrel distortion.  But they require a
serious investment in time to master.  The above web site will has links
to tutorials for getting started. 

There is also a gimp plugin which may be used for simpler cases.  You
can find information about it at www.shallowsky.com/software/pandora/
This works well where the images don't require significant adjustments 
in order to be patched together.  But you may first have to adjust the 
component images by using suitable transformations.  Akkana Peck, who wrote
the Pandora script, explains how to use gimp for stitching panoramas in
her book Beginning Gimp, which I strongly recommend.

> Thanks
> Rich
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