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Hi Karl,

this ist not a topic we should discuss in the gimp-docs list. This  
list is just for the group of document writers and readers. Your  
problem is in much better hands over there in the gimp-user list.

Please fasten you seatbelt, I'll forward you...

Greetings, lexA

Am 23.02.2008 um 20:20 schrieb Karl Faxnas:

> Hi Gimp-user.
> I'm running   iMac Leopard and  Gimp 2.4.4-XII for abouth 6 months.
> I have made some animations , my own  and also from Script-Fu.
> There is two nasty problem I would like to get solved.
> 1) Flame-making. I have try 50 times to get trough every step to make
> those  flames, but i dont  fix it.
>     Every step up to " Choose Gradient " run perfectly. but when I
> try to put the gradient (  Germany flag
>     Smooth)   into place. No way.  last try, the germand Flag Smooth
> disappeard from tool-palett. Gone.
>     Frustrating. look at the Url:< http://gug.sunsite.dk/tutorials/tomcat13/
> 2)
>     I have learn abouth filemakings. when my projecs are ready, in
> Gimps own XCF, i  give them a name,
>     example: kallebling.gif -png -  or jpeg.  Never mind wath I put
> before ________.gif.
>> Save as: kallebling.gif  > sending mail to my self attach >
> file kallebling.gif.  I open up the mail, there is
>    the file kallebling.gif, but very dead and gray. No sparkling
> bling-bling from script-fu as I made from:
>   Follow my step:
>> Gimp > Extr > scroll down to Script-fu > Logos > Bling text > I
> choose Bling stew > ( dont matter)
>> aktivate Animate > filter > Animation > Play. and a very nice
> locking sparkling script-fu animations is
>   infront of me.. But, how to do the rest.
>   Anyone out ther with any ideas.
>   Regards
>   Kalle
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