Hi again.

I've just read a nice article (http://kde-artists.org/node/355) signed 
by land0. In this article, t he author explains some state of the art 
concerning cmyk and 16 b depth color support (the article was written in 

I should have started my cmyk previous question stating that I 
understand the wonderful work that the guys at gimp have been doing all 
that time.

Maybe because the Gimp is so great and powerful, more and more people 
are starting to feel they can get rid of photoshop (which I don't know a 
lot) and switch to gimp. And perhaps, looking at how much has been 
achieved so far, they perceive that the cmyk and 16 bits support are 
minor details... Reading the forementioned article, I can see that they 
are not.
 I don't know if my previous mail might have sound as if I was 'urging' 
you to implement these features in the gimp. If that is the case, sorry; 
but I never meant it.

It's just that I'd like a lot of people switching to great opensource 
os-es and apps, and I can't help but recommend it to everyone.

Anyways, I feel I have to thank you all for the wonderful job at the 
gimp, which I proudly use to edit and enhance my own pictures.


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