Thanks for the help with vectors in gimp PDB. Now I have a new problem.
I want to create a new vector polygonal line so I used
vector=pdb.gimp_vectors_new(image, "sv")
then I want to give it a stroke
stroke=pdb.gimp_vectors_stroke_new_from_points(vector, 0, 3, ((2, 10),
(5,10),(10,10)), FALSE)

but I run into a problem with the stroke. According to the pdb browser the
parameters are
gimp_vectors_stroke_new_from_points(vectors, type , num-points, control
points, closed)

so in my statement
vector= vector
0=type of stroke-0 is the only option
3=num-points= the only option is a vector -bezier which I think needs three
control point in the form of (x,y), (x,y), (x,y)
((2, 10), (5,10),(10,10))=the control points
False=the curve is not closed

But then I get an error. I am not understanding the required syntax.  If
someone could help that would be great.
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