Here's something tricky:

Imagine if you have a gradient between two colors (such as black and 
white) - a smooth, gradual change between the colors. This gradient might 
take any form, but the main thing is that the change between the colors is 
smooth, instead of aprupt.

Now, it is fairly easy to greate "height lines" along lines with an equal 
"intermediate color" between the two extremes thanks to the Posterize 
function. However, I am wondering if there's any way - a script or something 
else - that makes it possible to generate lines that curve from one extreme 
to the other?

This image of a visualization of a magnetic field might help understand what 
I am looking after:

Imagine, for example, the North pole of the magnet representing "black", the 
South pole representing "white", and the regions between and around them 
representing a gradual change from one color to another. This script would 
take this basic color gradient and then change it into something like this 

Does any script like this exist?

- Jürgen Hubert

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