I feel kinda stupid to have to ask this question, because it seems so 
very basic... But I can't figure it out myself (and didn't find it in 
the documentation or mail archive), so I hope to get help here.

I've got a drawing consisting of a photo, a color-filled ellips, and two 
lines of text. Each of these four objects is a seperate layer.

Now I want to move one of the two lines of text. So I select that layer, 
make an ellips-selection around the line of text (which is the sole 
object on that layer; running ants are around the line of text), choose 
the Move tool and within the Move tool choose Move Selection.

Now I would expect that I can move this line of text by holding the 
mouse above this textline and dragging it to the desired place.

But that's not what happens. Only the elliptical path which marks the 
selection moves, nothing else...

What do I do wrong, and how can I perform this so very basic task?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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