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> > Unfortunately, ca is controlled in lense manufacture and design and
> > has two solutions, software or better glass.  Minimizing ca via
> > technique would severly limit your scope, imo.
> I would expect most lenses these days to be made such that they do not
> cause CA. From what I have read, there is another factor to be taken
> into account, the chip responsible for recording the image. I gathered
> that small chips are quite prone to CA and the larger the chip the lower
> the CA and that it virtually disappears in the 1:1 (35 mm) format. The
> camera I am using is an upper end, point and press so perhaps I need a
> better camera with a larger chip.

While this may be correct to some extent, *glass* is a *major* factor.
I can show you ca from my Nikon D3 (a full frame sensor) with a 
70-300G Nikon lense, a *cheap* lense.   
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