On Mon, 2008-03-24 at 15:33 -0600, D. R. Evans wrote:
> I have a simple PNG image, and I'd like to change the top half so that at
> the very top the image is completely transparent, with the opacity
> increasing linearly so that halfway down the image (and all the way to the
> bottom) the image has 100% opacity.
> I've messed with layers and gradients until I want to scream -- I can't
> find the trick that allows me to do this. (It seems like it should be dead
> easy.)
> Could someone please point me toward something that describes how to do this?

- If your base layer name is printed in BOLD in the layer dialogue,
right click on it and "add an alpha channel".

- again right click on the layer and add an layer mask, filled with

- take the gradient tool with a gradient from black to white.

- apply the gradient to the layer mask (just paint into the image if the
frame around the layer mask is white) Start where you want to have 100%
opacity and end where you want 0%.


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