Lap1994 wrote:

> > Gimp is a very good image editor. It can edit scaned image, eg photos.  
> > Paint scaned drawings, manga skecths or inked drawings. Or simply create a  
> > image from the nothing.
> >   
I think GIMP is the best image editor existing especially for editing
photos. Most of my pictures got much better by improving them in GIMP!

> > Gimp have very good filters created by very good developers, and very good  
> > tools. Have blur, motion blur, noise, each filter can be used for  
> > diferrents things, depending of the wanted result. Have pencil, brush and  
> > a spray for paint, each can be used, too, for diferrents things.
> >
> > Some techniques can be used to improve your images using Gimp resources,  
> > eg yellow supernova + blur = sun or white spray + cian background = sky  
> > with clouds. Using some of these you can create images from nothing.
> >
> > You can use layers to add nice effects to your image or organize diferrent  
> > things, such as house and scenary.
> >
> > A good and simple recourse is the text with effect. You draw a WHITE text,  
> > click in it layer, cut, paste in the MASK of other layer. Finished, text  
> > with effect.
> >
> > Yes, is really a very good image editor and manipulator. But only work  
> > when you know what you are doing. If do not know, just train until know.
This is so in all programs with thousands of functions, isn't it? But I
think you can quickly start using GIMp by reading one of the many
tutorials on the net.

> > --
> > Example of wallpaper made in 15 minutes with Gimp,,  
> > check Above The Clouds!
Good work! I love the space image!

Best regards, Hans

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