How would you use GIMP to create an image containing
(poorly) hidden letters or numbers?

I'll explain:
Take a look at this image:

This is an image used in a little game at  The idea is that children click on
the camouflaged letters in the images.  In this image
there are 4 hidden letters:A,E,S,F.

I want to create a similar game, but I have no
artistic ability.  Instead of drawing a picture, I
want to take a generic photograph and embed letters
and numbers in the picture.  They need to be hidden,
but not so well hidden that pre-school children would
not be able to find them.

One possible way would be to...
1) break the picture into appropriately sized areas of
the same basic color.  (I have no real idea how to do
this automatically.)
2) place a letter in one of those areas
3) rotate the letter a little (to eliminate obvious
straight lines)
4a) apply a texture to the letter that matches the 
4b) or bump-map the letter

Obviously I want to script this.  It occurs to me that
this might be easier to do with ImageMagick.

Jeff LePage

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