Norman, did you use camera profile *.icc when processing RAW photos with 
UFRaw? If not, you photos *should* look slightly desaturated.

norman wrote:
> I have recently started comparing final images with my son where we both
> start with the same RAW image. He uses Bibble Pro only, whereas I have
> been using UFraw and GIMP. For some reason, which he cannot explain, he
> does not like my images mainly from the point of view of colour hence
> the comparisons. When I looked with Image Viewer, at the images he had
> produced, they were vibrant, sharp and had plenty of punch. However, the
> same images opened in GIMP, are washed out, not very sharp and lacking
> in punch. This caused me to look further and I found that this
> difference applied to all the images I have recently been working with,
> good in GIMP exaggerated in Image viewer. Good in Image Viewer, weak in
> Could someone please explain what I should be doing to overcome this
> dilemma? There must be some reason but, because of my lack of knowledge
> of colour and its formation in terms of display on the monitor screen, I
> have no idea where to start. We both use Ubuntu 7.10 and I use GIMP
> 2.4.2.
> Norman

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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