On Wed, 2008-04-09 at 17:05 +0100, Jonathan Allen wrote:

> Can anyone help me to do this?  I look after a small on-line magazine
> and they have a mast-head logo at the top of several pages.  This is
> in colour, but only different saturations of the same colour.  Each
> month, the print-designer changes the colour of the text headlines
> and the mast-head to match.

Sounds like a job for the Colorize tool.

> I can always see the HTML colour selected (color=#XXXXXX) for the text
> and need to track the masthead colour to match.  How do I get the Gimp
> to exactly track that hex colour - is there somewhere I can input it
> as a value and just it promulgated through the graphic at the existing
> saturation and lightness?

The Colorize tool allows you to enter the Hue value directly. And you
can easily find out the Hue by entering your hex color description in
the Color selector dialog.


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