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> As everyone know. A animation is various frames drawned one after other.
>  To create a animation, the current frame and the previous frame have to
>  looks like, however have to have a difference. To this happen you have to
>  look the current frame and the previous frame, and then check if is
>  changed correct and if is changed where you want.
>  That waste a time. Because you have to toggle the visible of frames to
>  check and check until you have certain that is correct.
>  Well, the solution is very very simple. Is just make the previous frame
>  50% transparent. Then the current frame will have a shadow of the previous
>  frame. This way you can see what is what.

Yes. This is called 'onion-skinning'. GIMP-GAP includes support for
onion-skinning; If you are creating animations that require the use of
onion-skinning, it's better to use the GIMP-GAP plugins; GIMP itself
has only basic animation support.
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