El dv 11 de 04 de 2008 a les 12:01 +0200, en/na Torsten Neuer va
> Hi, 
> > I usually have to save transparent pixels of PNGs, but time to time
> > don't save them just to compare the difference in size.
> >
> > The problem is that default preferences get changed, and if I just save
> > instead of save as, I lose my work on the transparent parts of the
> > image.
> >
> > Is there a way to hardcode preferences for saving a png?
> Not one that I know of.
> But I think you should save your *work* as .xcf anyway.

Yes, I currently save as xcf.

However, the editing of transparent pixels is handled by a script
(mktpstamp) as the end step to save a png from a layer in the xcf file,
and sometimes I want to improve the results of this script, hence I am
editing directly the png file.

I've tried a call to file-png-set-defaults in the script I use, but even
if I see ~/gimp-2.4/parasiterc writed when quitting gimp, this doesn't
affect the current session.

For now, I've created a simple script that just calls file-png-save2
whith the parameters I need and use it for saving.


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