On Sat, 2008-04-12 at 12:48 +0100, norman wrote:
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> > There are no such things as adjustment layers in GIMP, but in one of the 
> > future versions, much more powerful tools will be available to allow 
> > non-destructive editing.  You can do pretty much of what's done there 
> > though 
> > in different ways as mentioned on the page that Tim gave.  As to why the BG 
> > copy 2 layer in your page is b&w, I best quote that page itself:
> > 
> > "the top layer (Background copy) shows where we did a simple 'remove 
> > colour' 
> > and have de-selected the 'eye' so as to hide this layer."
> > 
> > The coloured seem to be effectively desaturated with one of the adjustment 
> > layers.
> Thank you very much indeed. Now I can forget all about the approach I
> thought I would look at and concentrate on those ways I know best - the
> methods suggested and demonstrated by Ralph Steinort.

"Rolf" please! ;-)

I think this is basically the same thing that you can do with the
channel mixer. 

In the top adjustment layer they do a "crude" desaturation by simply
removing it. You can do that in Gimp by adding a layer filled with black
and setting the mode to "saturation".

I don't get what the lower layer does. I'll ask a friend an d report
back. Perhaps there is something interesting in it. 


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