Am Samstag 12 April 2008 schrieb Lap1994:
> I am learning Pixel Art. And if you do not know what is, you have the
> idea   that iis about pixels. Well, I draw images at level of pixel.
> Then I have to draw with pixels, and erase with hard edge.

Hi Lap (if this is your name),

quite interesting: This is what I did back in the 90s on a Atari ST.
For the hires monochrome screen (600x400 pixels) there was no 
greyscales. And back then I was very into devising my own system fonts, 
my own desktop icons etc. Hence everything was done in a bitmap editor.

But why would one act thus nowadays? Is it just a "hobby" like ascii 
art? Is it a "serious" class at some college? Is the only "propper" way 
of editing to sett single pixels by means of a mouse cursor?

Maybe mtpaint is closer to your requirements?


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