1- is there a way to make the guides visible outside the canvas area?  
- i.e. outside the non-visible canvas area
    for example: I have an '800x23' image and I want to drag out  
'vertical' guides - but since the area is only 23 px tall the guides  
are very hard to see without a lot of zooming and scrolling around on  
a 15" laptop display
    FWIW: Photoshop allows you to see the guides off the canvas and  
this comes in very handy at times

2- is there a script-fu script that will take an image/layer and chop  
it into table form
    for example: I have a 100x100 image that I want to chop into 4  
pieces, each being 50x50 then export all four of them in jpg/gif/png  
                        I then want to take these pieces and insert  
each one in a 2x2 table so they line up as a contiguous image
- is there a script-fu anyone knows about that does this?

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