> Thanks to Elwin and Nathan for the suggestions. I'm happy to do this in
> Inkscape and import the results into GIMP but I can't work out how to do
> it. I also looked at the curve bend tool in GIMP but it's not quite as
> precise as I'd like and it leaves the 'text' looking a bit rough because
> it converts it to a raster layer first and then stretches the pixels. I'd
> like to do this with paths so that I retain the smooth font edges (and can
> resize better if I need to).
> I've updated Inkscape to the latest version and am able to make text
> follow paths like GIMP does, but I can't work out how to warp/distort the
> text intoshapes:
> http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/4541/textsr9.png
> Everything I've tried just results in the text being placed along the path
> rather than being distorted to fill the shape. I did search for tutorials
> for this kind of effect but couldn't find one for Inkscape so any ideas?

Just a suggestion, after you have sized and positioned the text, group it
and then convert to paths, hit the paths tool and then do a few Ctrl+l
and see what it does to your text.

http://members.pcug.org.au/~rcook/images/hw3.png is two Ctrl+ls. Play
around and you will get something to suit. It maybe preferable to do it on
an individual letter basis


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