Inkscape has two tools to do this.  There is the new node tweaking tool that 
allows you
to sort of "sculpt" the nodes.  Another possibility is node sculpting.  Select 
a group of
nodes, then alt-click and alt-drag on it.  It will move and sort of 
proportionally drag
other nodes along with it.

And to further muddy the waters, there is another way you could do this, 
involving yet a
third open source program, Blender...but you'd be looking at a learning curve 
to do it
this way.   You could make some text in Blender (it can use truetype fonts), 
then convert
it to a curve (like in Inkscape), then add a lattice modifier and sort of 
"sculpt" your
text into the shape you want.  Then do a render and save the render as a png or 
jpg and
import it into anothe graphics program for further manipulation.   A much more
complicated process, but gives you the most control.

The text in the animated GIF in this pic was done this way.  Note, it does NOT 
have to be
3D.  I just wish Blender could export to .svg.  The only way to do it, is to 
import the
render into Inkscape or Gimp and work with it from there.

--- Shin Diggar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Thanks to Elwin and Nathan for the suggestions. I'm happy to do this in 
> Inkscape and
> import the results into GIMP but I can't work out how to do it. I also looked 
> at the
> curve bend tool in GIMP but it's not quite as precise as I'd like and it 
> leaves the
> 'text' looking a bit rough because it converts it to a raster layer first and 
> then
> stretches the pixels. I'd like to do this with paths so that I retain the 
> smooth font
> edges (and can resize better if I need to).
> I've updated Inkscape to the latest version and am able to make text follow 
> paths like
> GIMP does, but I can't work out how to warp/distort the text intoshapes:
> Everything I've tried just results in the text being placed along the path 
> rather than
> being distorted to fill the shape. I did search for tutorials for this kind 
> of effect
> but couldn't find one for Inkscape so any ideas?
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