Hi, I have been using the Alignment-distribute tool and it works like the
Alignment-align tool, with the difference that you can add an offset. I need
a "proper" distribute tool for some things I do, a tool that distributes
evenly the space between the centers of the items you select. Any suggestion
to a work-around (besides distributing the items manually lol)?
   I would like to suggest the developers to implement this tool. Adding
action icons like those of openoffice would be fine as well, because I think
they are more intuitive...

Note> for anybody has ever worked with an agarose gel: I use this method to
name the lanes on the gel picture. I add as many numbers as lanes, just
taking care to add them more or less over the correspondent lanes. Manually,
I align the first number with the first lane, and the last one with the last
lane. I select all the numbers, and align them horizontally. Finally, I
distribute them with respect to the first and last number. An easy and fast
way to name the lanes!

Thanks for any comment,
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