On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 16:41 -0300, Rich wrote:
> A friend was telling me about a method he uses with "Enhance / Adj 
> Lighting" for Shadows and Highlights in Photoshop.
> I see the different values under Color Balance, but is there another 
> tool or method  that would only adjust lighting in Gimp?

Based on your description, I believe you'll be happiest working with
Color Balance for this problem.  However, "adjusting lighting" can mean
a lot of things when working in a raster image editor like GIMP.  Once
you've become comfortable with Color Balance, you can try using Curves,
Levels and the host of other dialogs available from the Colors menu
applied to a selection of pixels from your image in order to adjust what
visually appear to be lighting elements in the canvas.  Alternatively,
you can apply lighting effects by using layers and adding black or white
filled selections that are blended (using Layer Modes) to lighten or
darken regions of a canvas.  There are also some filters under
Filters->Light and Shadow that can be used to change the apparent
lighting in the image.  Drop Shadow and Lighting Effects are probably
the two most widely used here.

All that said, the closest thing to something that specifically "adjusts
lighting" in GIMP are the features you'll find in the Color Balance
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