"Michael J. Hammel"  wrote

>"My problem with this is that while drawing borders may be a very common
>task for you, there are many users for which it is never (or nearly
>never) used. So adding a button for this task to the Toolbox falls into
>my definition of feature creep.  At what point do you decide a button
>for one person should *not* be added because someone else doesn't use
>it.  If you don't make such decisions, you end up with far more UI
>components than the average person actually needs.  I believe MS Word
>was the major culprit of this effect at one time though it's been years
>since I've used Word so maybe they've fixed that. "

I'm not interested in that peculiar function, but 
....will be no possible in the toolbox have a "default" group of icons, and the 
for tool as that available now but with the option to add till X more ?

(as example from a ipotetic "customize toolbox" preference option,)

So who will be interested  to drawing border may get is tool there,
 while others may add instead some plugin "tool " more useful for their 
workflow (

Too much icons and tools  are a problem only if all displayed to overcrowd the 
but if just available (as from "customize toolbox" preference option)
they may become  added features that may be useful.

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