Anthony Ettinger wrote:
> I have a photograph of a client that I would like to rotate so the
> angle is not crooked, but I end up with a "V" shape after
> rotation...does anyone have any creative ideas for blending something
> in to get a full rectangle?
> This is the image in question...I can't crop it down to a square
> because I would loose the book he's holding, and that's the point of
> the web site:
> Looking for ideas, thanks.
I'm not sure what you mean by "V" shape, Anthony; the picture needs a 
perspective transformation as well as a rotation. In order to rotate 
without losing any of the image, you might increase the canvas size by 
three times, and then rotate it.  Following this step, a little 
perspective adjustment would rationalize the image, and then you could 
fill the background with the sky color. A little monkeying around with 
the corners of the book would then help.

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