On Fri, 2008-05-02 at 11:46 -0700, Anthony Ettinger wrote:
> I have a photograph of a client that I would like to rotate so the
> angle is not crooked, but I end up with a "V" shape after
> rotation...does anyone have any creative ideas for blending something
> in to get a full rectangle?
> This is the image in question...I can't crop it down to a square
> because I would loose the book he's holding, and that's the point of
> the web site:
> http://holocaustsurvivor.info/img/press-lg-weekly_redux.png
> Looking for ideas, thanks.

I presume you don't mean you want to do a three dimensional rotation so
the subject appears to be facing the camera, since that is clearly

If you mean you just want to turn it on the page so the subject looks
upright, you can do that with an appropriate rotation transformation,
but you are going to get a rotated rectangle.  You can crop out part of
it, so the top and bottom will be horizontal and the sides vertical in
its new orientation, but then it will be a hexagon instead of a
rectangle.  I would suggest enlarging the canvas and then cropping it as
small as you can get it to include the subject's head and the book. Then
clone the relevant parts of the image to fill in the corners. There
won't be much problem with the background.  One thing you could do is to
select the figure, and then put any color you want in the inverted
selection.  If you are careful about what you leave in of the original
figure,  you ought to be able to clone in the shirt, the arms and
portions of the book.  If you want more than that,  you will have to
draw it in yourself.

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