> >>  OOWriter.  Otherwise I have to do the work on GIMP or Inkscape and
> >> import the image on OOWriter for printing.
> >
> > Another layout program out there is scribus -
> I suppose "scribus" is similar to PageMaker, FrameWork, Ventura, etc., a
> desktop publisher.  I went across it before but never use it.  I ran
> PageMaker while I lived in Windows world long time ago.

If you've worked with PM back then, you'll probably have no problem with 

> Actually the bar preventing me to edit professional business cards on
> OOoWriter is without layers there.

There also is another bar, I suppose, when you have to have the cards printed 
with offset printers.  Again, scribus is the solution.  OOo is nice for the 
occasional home office cards though, that you can print on those pre-cut card 
sheets - but that's not the professional way.

> > not sure if runs well on
> > windows though (they've been working on that for a while).

Scribus is multi-platform.  Should be no problem for you when you run Linux 
(just make sure that you have properly working fonts as scribus can be quite 
picky about incomplete font sets which sometimes are to be found in 
free/shareware fonts).

> a very rare case except IE, the buggy Internet browser.  Some Internet
> sites require visitors running IE.  It is rather funny.

Not funny I'd say - but that'd lead off-topic ;-)


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