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> I am trying to make a skin for my Opera. You know, skins for softwares are
> those packs of settings and images that change the appearence of it.
> Well, I am doing the page button. My page button have six images, left,
> top, right, top-left,top-center,top-right. I have to draw all together and
> then save each one as a diferent file. To put order on things, I place a
> each of the page button in a different layer. But now I have six layers,
> one image and one problem. How can I save a layer as a new image?

If you perform a Save As with a file format other than XCF, you can  
then choose "Ignore" when the export dialog box is displayed: only the  
current layer will be saved (note: any attached layermask will also be  
ignored, so Apply it first if needed).

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