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> Hello people,
> I do the following:
> 1) A solid background,
> 2) A text of 5 lines, which is generated on a new layer
> 3) I move the text around a bit to align it, using the move tool,
> With the text layer selected, I use tha drop-shadow, hoping to create a
> shadow of the text, but instead, the shadow layer appears _before_ the
> selected text layer, and the background layer gets displaced to the right
> and below.
> No shadow is visible. If I do the drop shados before 3), then the shadow
> is rendered correctly.

Since the shadow layer is created above the text layer, I am guessing  
you performed an "Alpha to Selection" at some point in your process.  
The shadow will be based on the selection and not the text itself.

If necessary, the image will be enlarged to account for the shadow if  
the "Allow resizing" box is checked. This will shift the layers on the  
image, but they should maintain their positions relative to each other.

It would probably be helpful if you could provide a more precise  
description of your actions.

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