the reply of Buralex should be clear.
I will add that what you wish ,was a default in old gimp, and that default 
changed because created troubles to most users.

If you chose it not only you have to wait gimp loading before see any image but 
as Alex explained you will open a new gimp for each image you want open (that 
may solve as suggested by Alex but require some fiddling)

More once established a file association with gimp, that is ,or maybe was 
,quite hard to break (to break most used trick was install irfanview, since 
other method for some reason didn't work).

This may be changed in the new gimp 2.4 was a issue on windows version 2.0 and 
2.2, but anyway if you really want associate some file to gimp , to be on the 
safe side i will advice to do right clicking on the file as explained in my 
previous message..that may be reverted easily and do not require unistall and 
reinstall of gimp

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