Hi All,

I thought it was impossible (after a few hours of searching) to save a
jpeg without a color profile from within gimp - I have been informed
however that it is possible - I just wasn't given any details ;)

My problem is that when I save a jpeg from gimp, it saves the sRGB color
profile into the jpeg. This really sucks for web work as color managed
browsers (particularly safari) will adjust the colors in jpeg images,
but will not usually adjust solid colors on the web site. This means
that background jpeg images are completely useless if they have color

(Firefox 3 actually adjusts all the colors in a page according to the
color profile that has been selected from firefox - so if the color
profile in the jpeg is sRGB then the page will render neatly).

Does anyone know how to remove the color profile information from jpegs
when saving with the gimp? My current workaround is to save as a png
from gimp and use netpbm to convert it to jpeg. This is the information
I was given regarding saving jpegs from gimp:

"Just unset the color profile on the image before you save as JPEG.

Problem with that is - there doesn't seem to be any way to delete the
profile. I can select a different profile, but this will screw the
images up just the same..

Thanks to anyone who has an idea on how to get around this!


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